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Getting to know Crescent

Here at Crescent Construction our greatest asset is our people. Darrel Greene is the latest addition to our sales team. He has quickly become a tremendous asset to our team. In his short tenure here at Crescent Darrel has distinguished himself as leader. Darrel brings with him a wealth of knowledge and professional relationships. Our company is always growing not only in size but with great people. With each new addition we continue to refine our process by strengthening our team. In order to stay competitive we assess our weakness and address them both internally and with new ideas. This is where Darrel truly stands out, his approach to delivering the same product we have always offered is both refreshing and beneficial to our customers giving them even more value.

Darrel has held several key positions in his previous career, this experience sets Darrel apart. When describing Darrel he employs one key guiding principle “service to others”. He found himself tirelessly working during our 1000 year flood to help families become whole again. Darrel made himself available to all he could to help navigate the complex world of insurance claims. Technology has not been a huge part of organization until Darrel helped to make it a priority. He pilots our DJI Phantom drone, which he personally selected and customized to tailor to our specific needs. This innovation is what makes Darrel so invaluable, he doesn't hesitate to identify a problem and quickly fix it. In this instance he brought to light a deficiency we did not even recognize. His

quick action paired with the drive to succeed will undoubtedly help our company grow and is unmatched, we are excited to have him with us.


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