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General Contracting

Crescent Construction happily remodels and builds all sizes and types of commercial & residential structures as well as industrial buildings in South Carolina.
When we began, specializing in residential homes, roofing and otherwise, our founders understood that successful construction projects depended on commitment to the client and long-term relationships with selected subcontractors, architects and engineers. Our aim is a partnership, with freely exchanged advice and information. This problem-solving, client-centered approach lets us get it right—right from the start. It’s applied to every project we take on.

One of our secrets to success is the “critical path method” of scheduling. It provides strict guidelines for staying on top of each detail during construction. It includes weekly project team meetings to discuss design changes, subcontractor issues, code compliance, testing procedures, safety issues and upcoming critical activities. We also provide updates and issues to every homeowner or client to ensure they know where we are in the project. 

In short, we work and coordinate as a proficient and experienced team. Everyone—project managers, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and accountants—commits to the project. 

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