Residential Roofing

When it’s time to replace the roof on your house, Crescent Construction knows that it can be a difficult process. You may have major questions of “how much will a new roof cost me”, “what is the best shingle”, or “is there financing for new roofs?” Whether it is, determining your budget, or choosing the right shingle or any other question; Crescent has years of experience helping our clients make the decision that best fits their situation.

Shingle Roofing

With a wide array of options, relative ease of installation and economical production, asphalt shingles are today’s most popular roofing material.  There are many trusted U.S. and Canadian building-product manufacturers that market asphalt shingles, including GAF and Owens Corning. Crescent Construction trusts and stands behind these manufacturers and is a manufacturer certified installer of these products. Not sure which manufacturer shingle is best for your home? We can help!  We can work side by side with the homeowner to select the perfect shingle, shingle color, texture and warranty that fits their budget and their home.

Onduvilla was developed to provide an attractive roofing style for residential homes while exceeding the weather protection functionality that homeowners expect. One notable area where Onduvilla outperforms traditional shingles is wind resistance and protection from wind-driven rain. Onduvilla is warranted to withstand winds up to 150 miles-per-hour.

Onduvilla is made from a composite of asphalt with a fiber matte core. The colored coating on Onduvilla, which is based on decades of research and testing, delivers another layer of protection.

Onduvilla has the distinctive, dimensional appearance of traditional European roofs without the added weight, installation challenges or cost. And Onduvilla is available in several attractive colors, which gives homeowners options in choosing a roof color that complements the other exterior colors of the home. 

Onduvilla Tile Roofing

Metal Roofing

Residential metal roofing is generally made of steel, aluminum, or copper. Rolls of 24- or 26-gauge steel sheets are given a metallic coating to prevent rust, followed by a baked-on paint finish. Aluminum sheets don’t require the metallic coating but do get painted. Copper, is neither coated nor painted, because it weathers without corroding. It is sometimes used for special features, such as the roof of a prominent bay window, gutters, and downspouts.

Steel roofing products are coated with either zinc (galvanized) or a mixture of aluminum and zinc (galvalume or zincalume). Of the two, galvalume offers the longest life. The coatings are offered in multiple thicknesses—the thicker the coating the longer the life, and the higher the cost.

If you are looking for a roofing system that will not only protect your home from the elements but also provide a natural look, Wood Shake shingles are the perfect compliment. Wood Shake roofing shingles provide an organic look to your home and they are commonly made out of cedar, red wood or cypress.

Wood Shingles are typically not the most durable product, but their appeal and natural ability to transform your home make this product very popular among homeowners. The strength and beauty of Cedar roofing make for visually versatile, naturally practical and value-enhancing roofing options for your property. Wood Shake shingles are best known for their weather resistant, resistance from insect damage and resisting UV ray damage.

Durability and weather resistance are two of the most important factors to consider when determining what type of Wood Shake roofing system is best for your home. Some woods, such as the red cedar, have natural durability and that makes it the most regularly used wood for shingles. Cedar roofing shakes and shingles also provide excellent insulation as a roofing material.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Slate Roofing

If you are looking for a “lifetime” roofing system that will provide superior durability and add a distinctive touch of timeless beauty and curb appeal to your home, then consider investing in a natural slate roof. For centuries, slate has been highly acclaimed for its natural beauty and remarkable longevity, unmatched by other materials. Investing in a slate roofing system is a major financial commitment. One of the most attractive features of slate is its natural beauty, followed by uncontested durability and longevity. Slate will enhance the look of any architectural style, and is available in a variety of natural slate colors and textures. Slate’s color options include green, gray, black, purple, red as well as tiles that sport a mixture of colors. Moreover, slate shingles are shaped by hand to meet specific requirements and can be custom made in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Regardless of its age, slate will maintain its distinctive appearance.

Synthetic Roofing Tiles (Synthetic Slate, Shake, etc…) offer an innovative, high-performing product matched with a very upscale, traditional look. Crescent Construction is a premier installer of many high-end synthetic roofing products and understands the benefits and complexities of these premium roofing systems. Call Crescent Construction to find out more about synthetic roofing systems for your home.

Synthetic Tile Roofing

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