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Getting to know Crescent

Here at Crescent Construction our greatest asset is our people. One of the many things that makes our team so exceptional is that we encourage each member our team to treat their job as if it were their own business. We challenge each team member to grow their knowledge and skills. It is our hope that if they ever leave our family that they are better qualified for the next stage in their life. Charlie is a great example of this, he continually strives to better himself with additional training and community involvement. Charlie's background is rooted in real estate and property insurance, this gives him the unique perspective of truly understanding his clients. Additionally, Charlie had served the local community as a licensed home inspector and Realtor. His career as a licensed property adjuster and roof inspection specialist took him across the country responding to natural disasters like hurricane Sandy and assisting countless property owners here in the Carolinas. He furthered his professional knowledge by acquiring the highly sought after HAAG roof inspector certification in residential and commercial roofing. Charlie brings his expansive experience coupled with a network of local industry professionals to your next roofing project. This combination makes him not only one of our Senior roofing specialist but well respected among his peers. Charlie is always willing to lend a hand or train our office staff on the latest trends in roofing.

Charlie Earp


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